Building Women of Integrity
Through Service to God, Family, Community, and Country.

This year all of our Tenderhearts are in one unit, working together for our activities and badges.  We are adding many new things to our lists of new experiences.  Many are new to AHG and have completed their Joining Award which covers AHG Basics, flag ettiquette and folding the American flag. They are making us proud by showing patriotism at such a young age.

Meeting time is mostly spent working on a variety of badges.  We have recently finished the Our Heritage badge, and have just begun work on Daughter of the King and Textiles.

Recently, our group enjoyed making artwork and cards for a special friend that isn't in AHG but they want to invite to come and join! We then decided to make a Warm fuzzy to share and each little girl worked on celebrating the giving spirit and making a special card for Miss Donna (our troop coordinator) to say thank you and let Miss Donna know how much we love and appreciate her....many smiles and giggles as the girls put their messages together and we called Miss Donna over.  She loved the gesture and shared with the girls how thoughtful it was for them to think of her! We love the love and hearts that we grow as Tenderhearts; it is beautiful to watch each face light up as we share and care!

Springtime promises more fun with many new outdoor experiences being planned.

Our Tenderhearts love to serve.  These two girls were caught in action installing crosses for a Cemetery of the Innocents.

Speaker from Wesley Chapel Mission Center


Making Bookmarks

1st & 2nd Grade Tenderhearts