Building Women of Integrity
Through Service to God, Family, Community, and Country.

Our Patriots are on the path of finishing their scouting careers in AHG. All are seniors who enjoy getting together and having fun in AHG. Two of our girls, Sarah and Lydia have recently completed their Dolley Madison Level Award and their  PRAY Award. Both are in involved with working on their Stars and Stripes Award, the highest award in AHG. Ideas for their projects have been submitted and once approved, they will begin work to plan their projects.

Leadership is an important quality this year for our girls, since our badge work is almost done. The Patriots are in the process of planning our annual troop lock in. "The 6th Day of Creation" is the theme and all activities will be based around God's creation of animals. A guest speaker from the Hamilton County Park District will be stopping by for a visit with the girls.

Our annual Camporee is scheduled this spring and our Pioneers and Patriots will be working with the older girls in Troops 2004 and 316 to totally plan this event for all the girls in our 3 troops. Choosing the theme, planning the activities, dividing the responsibilites among the troops, and communicating information to everyone are but a few of the leadership skills our girls are learning and exhibiting.

A few Patriots got to visit the petting zoo at the Creation Museum together.

Our Patriots At Camporee

Spring 2010

The Patriots with their Leaders.

Sweet Pea Overnight


Fashion Show