Building Women of Integrity
Through Service to God, Family, Community, and Country.


 Our big explorer unit has just finished up their engineering badge. We practiced skits about big engineering accomplishments in our country.  Specifically the Wright brothers and the first telephone.  We did experiments with milk cartons and how to run electricity through a switch, a coil wire and a battery. 

We just started working on our cake decorating badge.  We have practiced using a star tip and looked at different cake decorating magazines to get ideas for when we decorate our own two layer cake in a couple weeks.  We are looking forward to visiting a bakery and see how professionals do it. 

We plan to concluding the year with the best me I can be badge. 

A few Explorers joined others at the Creation Museum and got to explore a bridge and the petting zoo as well as the exhibits.


Fall Campout 2011 at Chilo Park